Veena Beauty Parlor

The only Beauty parlor in Atsugi, Kanagawa Area, supporting non-Japanese

Looking attractive is one of the primary requisites of a good personality

An Indian woman in Japan finds it very difficult to get the 'feel' of the beauty treatment, while they were in India. Japan's wide cultural difference and truly expensive nature adds to the dilemma..."Where can I find the right feel of being in to the parlor near to my home in India? Where could I consult freely?

But Indian women in Japan are also used to the Indian standards of cosmetics and beauty treatments. You can find unique Indian standard beauty treatment in our parlor. We make you feel India, for our parlor in Japan.

You will surely have a guaranteed satisfaction at our parlor.
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Ladies, here are the pricing we are offering


Shahnaz Herbal facial ¥2700
Shahnaz Gold facial ¥2500
Aloe-vera Herbal facial ¥3000
Papaya Delicate facial ¥2500
Chocolate Facial ¥2200
Diamond Facial ¥3000
Cleanup ¥1500
Galvanic Facial ¥5000

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Veena Beauty Parlor

Presis Hon-atsugi
Naka-cho 2-10-20 Atsugi
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